It wasn’t too long ago when media was solely referred to as television and newspapers, and being social was an act of catching up with friends and family. Today, social media is a platform where we can be updated on the latest news, message our friends and fuel our ongoing need for drama and entertainment. 79% of Australians access the internet everyday, with 49% on social media everyday. Yes, I reluctantly admit I am part of that 49%, but hey, that’s what all the kids are doing these days right?

Companies have slowly but surely jumped on the social media bandwagon and are using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to connect with consumers. It is a cheap and convenient way to build a positive brand image, surpass competitors and increase sales (x). But, there are 5 rules that businesses must follow to ensure success on social media.

  1. Be Active 

    Consumers following an organisation’s account wants to be updated daily. Failure to post frequently may run the risk of followers losing interest. Anastasia Beverly Hills, a cosmetic line, get an A+ for abiding by this rule.


As you can see from the red circles, ABH uploads images to their Instagram page every two hours, giving their 10.8 million followers regular updates and ultimately keeping their products at the top of consumer’s minds.

2. Be Interesting

The content posted on social media should engage and catch the attention of readers and followers. Forbe’s listed Space X as the most intriguing company on social media. Space X uses it’s social media sites to live stream rocket launches and pictures from space. You get to experience another world, from the comfort of your own home.


3. Be Humble

No one wants to talk to a brand that enters into the social media, who will act like a superior large corporation. Social media is about fun, connecting and conversation. It is important for firms to understand the platform and the audience prior to signing up. Taylor Swift is a musician, celebrity but also a brand, who joined Tumblr. Her first post, as pictured below, connects to her fans on the same level. She may be the biggest pop star but on the internet, she is the same as every other normal Tumblr user.

TS tumblr

4. Be Unprofessional

Social media is not a place to have a board meeting nor is it an avenue to send important email. It is a platform to be entertained, without the need for formalities. Businesses who post on social media should use conversational language, slang or even Emojis.

Pizza hut

I love pizza and I love how Pizza Hut understands that Emojis speak louder than words. I personally think their marketing team is doing an exceptional job. Do you think this is effective?

5. Be Honest

The saying ‘honesty is the best policy’ plays a major role for businesses using social media. Consumer’s understand that everyone makes mistakes, but it is the company’s responsibility to own up to it and apologise when it occurs. Social media is a great way to directly reach those affected and can be more genuine than a back and forth email. Woolworths utilised their Facebook page to apologise to a customer who found a large spider in a Woolworths salad mix.

The customer uploaded a video to Woolworths’ wall with the following caption.

woolworths spider

The post went viral, however Woolworths actively responded with an apology and were honest about the origins of the salad.

Now that the internet and social media plays such a big role in our everyday lives, it is vital for companies to capitalise on this opportunity to connect with their customers and increase sales. Social media can be tricky for businesses to navigate, however by following the 5 commandments, it should make the transition easier. Comment below if you have any other rules that companies should follow on social media!