Let’s face it, Facebook is the biggest platform of social media today. With 1.71 billion active users worldwide, it is important for businesses not to overlook the power of social media to reach a large audience.

For a marketers to succeed in promoting their brand on Facebook, they need to ensure their approach is one that will ultimately capture the attention of their target market.

As I’m scrolling through Facebook now, procrastinating away, I’ve stumbled upon 2 paid advertisements:

1.  This SunRice ad was strategically placed amongst my news feed, however it’s become such a habit of mine to mindlessly scroll past these posts without bothering to read the first sentence.


2. An ad placed along the side of my Facebook news feed, promoting a nursing degree. Although a great career choice, I’m already enjoying my marketing degree and therefore makes the advertisement irrelevant.

fb nurse

Paid Facebook advertisements is a great way for reaching a large audience but is it actually getting your product or brand through to your target market?

In my opinion no. However marketers can use content creators to promote their company.

There are four segment approaches for Facebook; attention seekers, devotees, connection seekers and entertainment chasers.

For this post I’ll be focusing on attention seekers but do you think another segment approach is better?

Attention seekers spend a lot of time on Facebook posting however limits their response. Marketers can capitalise on this by collaborating with these online celebrities to create buzz about a new product or generate brand exposure.

For example, Jestina Campbell is a public figure and has gained over 75,000 followers on her Facebook page. She posts regularly however rarely responds to comments on her wall, making her the perfect example of the attention seeker profile.

Various have paid or sponsored her to feature their brand or product in her posts. olaycamoJaguar Jescam

Jestina’s posts featuring Olay and Jaguar are a tactic marketing team to target their ideal customers by advertising on Facebook. It is smart, personalised and more effective than the ad from SunRice.

Which advertising method appeals most to you? Would you mindlessly scroll these post through your news feed, or pause to take a look? Let me know in the comments!