The internet is such an open platform, full of weird and wonderful rabbit holes for you to fall into. However, like the saying states ‘there’s a good and bad in everything’.

The good part of the internet is it connects to people around the world and creates immediate communication between users.

The bad part is the risk of encountering an internet troll. A troll is someone who posts messages in a community with the the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion (x).


Trolls post negative comments to others online as they are anonymous, insecure people get a sense of power online. They use the security of hiding behind a screen and keyboard to criticise and condemn others.

Charlotte Dawson, a television personality, campaigned anti-bullying on the internet due to personal experience with Twitter trolls. She was the target of online death threats, but had to fight back against the taunts, which eventually led to her admission to hospital. The comments on the internet directed to Dawson is what eventually led her to commit suicide.


In order to prevent an occurrence like this, here are some ways to stop trolls on the internet.

Monitor Activity

If you have adequate time and resources, make sure to monitor comments and conversations in a forum or social media to proactively remove negative comments.

Laugh About It

Use sarcasm, agree with what their saying or return the favour. By calling them out in a humorous manner it shows the trolls that comments like that will not be tolerated.

Ignore It

This is probably the easiest and smartest step to take. Trolls feed off anger and emotion. When they know you have been affected by the comments, it creates a sense of satisfaction. By ignoring the comments is the best tactic, if they don’t get a response, they will eventually go away.

Luckily for me, I’ve never experienced an internet troll but if I ever do, I would use one of those three ways to deal with them. Have you experienced any trolls, if so how did you deal with it?